I am Gergely Csigo photoartist. I was born in 1978 in Hungary. I started the photography in my childhood. I am member of the oldest hungarian art photo group, the Photoclub of Sopron since 2004. The Hungarian Associaton of Art Photogroups (MAFOSZ) awarded me in 2008 with the E-MAFOSZ Photoartist Honour, because of my art works, and exhibitions. I working as professional since 2008. The Federation International Of Art Photography (FIAP) honoured me in 2010 with the AFIAP photoartist mention. Nowdays most part of my works are the creative wedding photography, fashion and portrait photography. Creative photography is not only an ad slogan. My goal is to be able to hand over the photos that the customer like the best after the shooting, wich are eternal memories – unique, everlasting, bearing artistic value, transferring emotions. Every human is different, therefore I avoid cliches, standards. The photography is not a job but a passion for me. I take advantage of every opportunity at a shooting to get the most out of myself, by wich the customer can also get as much as posible by being able to see their memories. The most important task of a creative photographer may be his presence in the moments that are dreamt of as everlasting, though last for a thousandth of a second.