„Oh time stand still for just a moment, and you running minutes just wait!”

Family shooting – how and why…

Welcome, I am photo artist Gergely Csigó. I am attached to photography since my childhood. First it was my dream, later my hobby then it became my life’s purpose. Today it is my everyday work and profession. As besides applied photography I actively shoot art aswell, I try combine the two. I think one of the best possibilities to make this happen is recording memories in form of photographs about happy and intimate moments with a child or a family. Nowadays many people seize the present in many ways but is any image ageless? I do not think so.

I beleive, besides shooting with professional equipment an image shall hold emotions. Cathing such moments is not that easy as many would think. You surely know the feeling ’this could have been a good image if…’ My task is to make it happen without those ifs and to add beautiful pictures to the family album, which you can view and share gladly even after ages. Images of our children and family are little, unique and unreproducible parts of family history. Shooting babies and family is not just a job but an experience. It is a great honour to be involved in the life of a happy child or family and a special chance at the same time to create something imaginative, unique and timeless.

I am looking forward to getting involved in your lives!

My offers for family and baby shootings are based on several years’ experience to have a good choice for everyone. After a Studio Shooting the client selects images for final processing, only the selected images are uploaded on Online Cloud Gallery and being charged for. In case of On Location Shooting outdoors or at your home, all good images are handed over postprocessed and archived on Online Cloud Gallery.

Studio Shooting includes:

  • Taking the complete series in studio
  • Selected images archived on Online Cloud Gallery

On Location Shooting (outdoors or your home) includes:

  • 1,5-2 hours of shooting outdoors or at your home
  • All good images processed, on Online Cloud Gallery

Special family offer includes:

  • 1,5-2 hours of shooting outdoors or at your home
  • All good processed images processed, on Online Cloud Gallery, a 20×20 size photobook