The professional image gives for the base of successfull company.

 The success-oriented company need an integrated online appeareance, including integrated professional image. The company image is part of the well set marketing.

Deserving the preparation of portraits of employees to trust to professional expert who know to make the best pictures about the employees which It can help to company to be more success.

Deserving to take professional pictures about image of the company and function beside the portrait because it can deliver more information for partners. If the company has got manageable pictures about services, production or whatever functions, the costumers can decide sooner to along with your company. Whether production process, service sor any other activites

Business portrait

The portrait photos can be made in the office or in other places too but we can make photos indoor and outdoor. In case of request, we can transform any places to photo studio with mobile equipments by our creative team. Our clients can ask for additional service sas stylist or hairdresser. We can provide to our clients unique clothes, accessories moreover design jewells via our partners to the photo shooting in favor of the excellent appeareance.

Company portfolio

The images can be made in the company’s office, location or in any other rooms.If you would like, You can ask for enterior designer and stylist expert as additional services when we make pictures about your interior.It needs so-called stock pictures in many cases when we introduce the function of company by some illustrated photos. These photos are made with practiced modell because of the best result. Our creative team help to our clients in everything.


In every cases we make more raw pictures in favor of the best result so our clients can choose the most appropriate images. The watermarked images are delivered to you in 48 hours thus you can choose th ebest pictures as soon as possible. The choosen images are made with appropriate colour contrast and other correction. We provide the retouched pictures to our clients in high and low digital format on any storages.

The retouched picture’s price: 10 eur/ image

If you want to resort our additional services, do not to hesitate contact to us about prices via phone or e-mail. Outisde of Sopron we just count only actual cost of travel and cost of living